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Specialty/Inflatable Boards


Stand up paddle boards aren't just made of foam and fiberglass/epoxy. There are some really amazing rotomolded and inflatable boards out there that perform just like a classic hard board. The best things about inflatable's are that becasue they roll up in to a bag the size of a large backpack they are easy to store, and you can take them with you on that trip to the Caribbean that you've always been dreaming about. Inflatable construction is also very tough and can take a beating. They are the board type of choice for people running river rapids because the bounce off rocks. For these reasons, a quality inflatable that will feel rigid and last you for years typically costs about as much as a normal hard board. But the added convienience is worth it.

Paddle Board Lessons

Group Instruction/Tour
1-2 People - Private Session
3 People - Private Session
4-6 People - Private Session
Addtl. People - Private Session