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Done with Trips and Rentals for 2017. Store closing for the Season 10/20. Open for Pajama Sale and Midnight Madness and by Appointment.

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Paddle Board Session Preparation

Come already dressed to get wet:

SUP is a WATER SPORT and you need to come prepared to get wet. Not everyone falls off their board into the water but many people do and that's okay!! Falling off is part of learning to SUP and its bound to happen eventually.  If you need a swimsuit, we sell them at the shop.

Sea water temperatures in Bar Harbor vary from the low 50's in June, low 60's in July and August and high 50's in September. Take home message....this isn't the tropics. Your safety and comfort are very important to us so we would rather you be slightly warm than overly cold. In order to provide you with comfort and assurance we provide high quality full length wet suits for you to use free of charge. Plus, we can also provide wet shoes for you to wear so your toes stay warm. If the lesson will be occurring on a lake you will NOT need to wear a wetsuit as the lakes are much warmer than the ocean.

In addition, because you will be wearing a leash around your ankle, your board can never go far if you get hot...just jump in the water, cool off, and then climb back on.

Bring only the personal items you really need:

Things to bring include water, sunscreen, a towel, a change of clothes, and some cash (for a gratuity to give your instructor if you so choose.) Most of these things are available for sale in the shop.

Show up early:

You will need to show up at the shop a minimum 30 minutes early to fill out necessary paperwork, finalize payment, travel/carpool to the lesson site, and start gearing up for the session. Please be courteous to others in your session by showing up on time and ready to go.

Go before you come:

Unfortunately we do not have a restroom at our shop and most paddling locations do not have restroom facilities either.  Please plan accordingly and use the restroom before you come so it does not hold up the group.  The nearest public restroom is a few hundred yards away at the fire station. 

Have an upbeat attitude:

Stand up paddling is a blast and smiling, laughing, and swimming are inevitable! (Especially when your spouse falls off for the 3rd time) You are going to get a bit of a work out; but our goal is to have FUN. Learning new things can be frustrating sometimes and your instructor is likely to have lots of little things for you to tweak as you progress through the lesson. Our goal is to help you learn and progress and our time is don't be afraid to check that ego at the door. You'll have a ton more fun that way.