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Done with Trips and Rentals for 2017. Store closing for the Season 10/20. Open for Pajama Sale and Midnight Madness and by Appointment.

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Our Mission & Values

At Acadia Stand Up Paddle Boarding we have a firm commitment to education, stewardship, safety, and fun. Our philosophy is that every day we are blessed to be out paddling is another day we have the chance to teach others, promote stewardship of our oceans and National Parks, and help people safely discover an exciting sport that they can grow into for years to come.

Our oceans and lakes are amazing, dynamic, and surprisingly fragile places. Stand up paddle boarding is a wonderful way to enjoy these waterways in a manner that is low impact and intimate with your surroundings. It allows you to take in the grand views but also to quietly delve into the smaller little coves and tidal areas. We care deeply about finding ways to support those who desire to protect and manage our oceans, lakes, and beaches in a sustainable way.

Our National Parks are our legacy to the future. We proudly support our local Friends Of Acadia and urge people to donate and find ways to volunteer.

We firmly believe that learning to paddle can be a life long endeavor and even the best of paddlers can always improve and get better. For that reason Acadia Stand Up Paddleboarding is committed to the highest quality instructional practices and all our instructors are ACA or WPA certified and have essential First Aid or Wilderness First Responder training.

It is our ultimate goal that you will walk away from your couple hours with us inspired not only to become stand up paddlers; but also even just a little more inspired to make your life healthier and fuller and our world brighter and better.

Paddle Board Lessons

Group Instruction/Tour
1-2 People - Private Session
3 People - Private Session
4-6 People - Private Session
Addtl. People - Private Session