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Done with Trips and Rentals for 2017. Store closing for the Season 10/20. Open for Pajama Sale and Midnight Madness and by Appointment.

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Acadia SUP Rental Equipment

Our rental equipment has been chosen for its durability and ability to fit a wide range of paddlers. We proudly carry Glide SUP for our rental fleet.  Glide is one of the only US made paddle board brands and represents a gold standard in quality and construction.  All our rental boards are super stable and rated to comfortably fit paddlers weighing up to 300 lbs

Rentals come with all the necessary equipment to enjoy a day on the water. This includes a paddle, a PFD, a leash, and foam pads and straps to attach the board to your vehicle. If you do not have a roof rack it is still possible to transport your board safely. We can help you load your board but are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle or rental car.

You are responsible for returning all boards and gear in the condition they were rented or paying for damages. Please be mindful of the way you treat the equipment.

Maine Law requires you to have a PFD on your board at all times and requires that all children under 10 be wearing their PFD . We STRONGLY suggest wearing your PFD while on the water and require it on all our lessons. PFD's are provided with every board rental. If you have your own that is fine but we will need to see and approve it.

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