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Learn To Paddle Board

     Is it your first time?  Have you been before but are looking to get better? A lesson is a great way to start.  We understand the stigma behind the word "lesson"....especially when you are on vacation.  That's why our lessons are desigend to be low-key, fun, and adapatable to all ability levels.  Our instructors are all certified and highly trained which means you can count on having a quality experience from the best.  Small group sizes ensure plenty of personalized attention. The cost includes all the gear and we take care of all the loading and unloading so you can focus on having fun.

     Moving at a flexible pace, every 2-hour lesson combines a fun interactive orientation with a mix of quality basic instruction, shoreline exploration and the possibility of swimming, playing, and learning stunts and tricks.

     Eash lesson starts on land with an orientation and  safety breifing designed to familiarize you with your equipment, basic paddle board safety, terminology, and how to get back on your board if you fall in.  Then it's straight to the water.

     Starting on our knees we will spend a few minutes to learn some essentiall maneuvers so that you become familiar with your paddle and comfortable moving your board from a position of safety.  This doesn't take long and our goal is really just to help you gain confidence to be able to paddle and control your board even in a situation where the wind may pick up (paddle boarding in to the wind is tough) or you get tired of standing. There is no requirement to stand and you are welcome to stay on your knees as long as you like.

     Going at your own pace its then time to stand up on our boards. Some people do fall in but we find the vast majority are up and standing fairly quickly and that it only take a few moments of "shakiness"  to start feeling more confident on the board.  However, getting wet is part of the fun so don't worry about falling in...its encouraged!  If you don't "accidentally" fall in, you will probably find it refreshing on a hot summer day to jump in the water.

     After establising our balance we will go for a paddle along the shoreline while we review our paddle strokes and work on building the skills necessary to paddle efficiently and reduce fatigue.  Depending on the ability and make up of the group we will spend the remainder of our time sightseeing along the shoreline, learning stunts and tricks, trying out our yoga poses, and swimming.