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Closed for the Season. Reopening May 2108.

**Open for Pajama Sale 11/11 and Midnight Madness 12/1 also by Appointment. Please call to arrange a time.**

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For safety and liability reasons we only allow lake rentals for beginners. The reason for this is due to the dynamic nature of the Maine coast, ie: fog, cold water, extreme tides, swift currents and unpredictable wind conditions.  We will allow ocean rentals to those  who have been on a session with us previously and/or are able to demonstrate an acceptable level of competency) 

Regardless of your desired paddling location please be prepared to have a chat with our staff about where you plan to paddle and be aware that we may place limits on where you can paddle based on your experience level and daily weather conditions. Safety is paramount to us and we are not afraid to turn away business if we feel your paddlling goals are not in line with your experience level. However, at the end of the day you are responsible for your own safety.

All rentals come with all the necessary equipment you would need to go paddleboarding for the day including a paddle, PFD, safety leash, and pads/straps to put the boards on your vehicle.  For safety reasons we have a 2-3 boards per vehicle limit. In some instances a truck or vehicle with a proper rack may fit up to 4 boards. Please call to discuss your options if you are looking to transport more than 2-3 boards. We will provide you with a map and are happy to recommend a few good launching spots.

Delivery:  Delivery and board pick up is available most evenings locally on MDI only for Multi-Day rentals. We cannot provide delivery for half or full day rentals unless you will need 4 boards or more. An advance reservation is necessary to arrange for any delivery.  Daytime or morning delivery of boards is generally not available but please don't hesitate to call us with any questions.

Delivery Prices: 1st Board: $25 Each Additional Board: $10

If you have never done SUP before we STRONGLY suggest you go on a session with us before renting. After 5 years and thousands of paddlers we find that our sessions are exciting, fun, and enjoyable for most beginner to intermediate paddlers (ie 90% of the paddling world) Our two hour sessions are usually more than enough for most people and we will provide all your equipment, drive it to the location, load and unload it, and provide professional instruction with plenty of free time to paddle, sightsee, and play.

Maine State Law and US Coast Guard Regulations require that you have a PFD on your board. We STRONGLY urge you wear it. If we see you disregarding local boating laws we reserve the right to terminate your rental without a refund.  We also strongly urge you to wear a leash at all times while paddling so that you can't become separated from your board.

NOTE: Some lakes on MDI do not allow swimming because they are used for drinking water supply. These lakes are off limits to paddleboards and windsurfing.  This includes Eagle Lake and Jordan Pond.  In addition, Echo Lake Beach and Sand Beach are closed to SUP, and all types of watercraft from June 15 - Sept 14. Please do not take your rental board to restricted areas.  Also please make sure to have your Park Pass if launching from inside the National Park.  A pass can be purchased online at

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